Africa Trip, Day One

Okay, that title is completely misleading. It’s been 24 hours since we were dropped off at the airport and I’m currently about as close to Africa as you are. Unless you actually are in Africa, and then obviously….

So far our grand trip to Africa has been spent entirely on airplanes and enjoying airport lounges. And there’s still another day in transit left to go. Nobody said getting to Southern Africa would be easy, but thanks to some extra British Airways points and a bit of juggling, this trip has been as comfortable as a three day journey across three continents could possibly be.

We’re currently spending our seven hour layover in Heathrow enjoying the complimentary amenities of the Galleries Lounge. I apologize in advance if I sound a bit like a giddy child, but I’ve never come close to being able to afford business class travel before and I probably never will again and I just have to say that this is all just so cool! The free drinks and snacks, priority boarding, cool little pods that convert into beds, another lounge filled with goodies when you get off. I just have to keep saying to myself, “Don’t get used to this, don’t get used to this”. So before I take another trip to the complementary wine bar and buffet, I’ll wrap up with some random observations from day one that have nothing whatsoever to do with Africa.

– little children with British accents always sound adorable.

– airports always seem to accumulate the most interesting collection of people imaginable. The more of an international hub the airport is, the more interesting the people are. Heathrow is about as interesting as you can get.

– this experience has made me feel like I have two little people on my shoulders; except that instead of an angel and a devil, I have a little elitist and a little socialist. As we breezed past the huge security lines in the “Club World fastpass lane”, one of them was saying, “Whee, look at us skipping the line, this is so much fun!” and the other was saying, “I can’t believe that they have three counters open for a tiny group of people and three for everyone else. That’s so incredibly unfair!”

– I had heard of this summer drink called Pimm’s before, but I had no idea what it was. Turn’s out it’s this kind of fruity punch made with gin. It’s very good. In fact, I’ll be getting another glass really soon.

So, hopefully my next post from my Africa trip actually be about Africa, but here are a few of my favourite moments from the trip so far:



Yes, those are picture of my meals on the plane, but there are only so many things you can take pictures of when you’ve spent the last 24 hours in transit. Hopefully there will more interesting pictures to post soon!


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