Five Place I’d Rather Be Right Now

We’re having a bit of a cold snap this week here in BC. Unlike the rest of Canada, it’s quite rare for the temperature to drop much below freezing here on the West Coast, so this week of minus five with the wind chill driving things down into the minus teens is really starting to get to me. Yes, I can hear my friends and family members in the parts of Canada that get a “real” winter warming up their violins right now, but I’m just not a fan of weather that actually hurts. Rain, sure. Entire months of grey skies? No problem. Frozen fingers and toes? No thanks. So, I’m sitting on the couch tonight, listening to the cold winds rattling my windows and thinking of places I’d rather be tonight. So if you’re feeling the same way, I’d like to share my little warm weather fantasyland with you.

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m not really a tropical holiday/beach person. A beach day here and there is nice, but on my trips I’d rather be out doing things. So while others may fantasize about sandy beaches on cold winter days, I’d rather picture myself in a lush, sun filled garden or a tropical waterfall. So here are a few places that popped into my mind while I was daydreaming about catching the first flight out of here.

1) Iguazu Falls Brazil/Argentina



Today’s weather: High 33C Low 23C, Sun and clouds

2) Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand



Today’s weather: High 23C, low 14C, Mostly Sunny

3) La Fortuna, Costa Rica



Weather today: High 33C, Low 22C , Sun and Cloud

4) Great Ocean Road, Australia



Weather today: High 25C, Low 16C, Partly Cloudy

5) And finally, The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Because Even a non beach lover like me can fantasize about the ultimate tropical beach getaway on a night like this:



Weather today: High 31C, Low 24C. Just like it was yesterday, just like it will be tomorrow. Sigh

At least I can dream!


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