An Olympic Interlude: S is for Sochi

We already explored S is for Siena last week, but I just couldn’t let the opportunity to celebrate the Olympics go by without doing a week for Sochi as well. We had a busy week with Valentine’s day and a send off for a relative heading overseas for a year,  but I did manage to squeeze in a Russian themed meal and a few Olympic activities.

Watching the Olympics always makes me wish that I could go see them myself someday. I don’t know if Sochi, Russia would be my first choice of destinations, but the atmosphere of the crowds always looks like a lot of fun. Of course, I missed my best chance to ever see the Olympics in person when they were in Vancouver four years ago. I loved having the Olympics in my own part of the world, but the fact that I was eight months into a rather difficult pregnancy prevented me from getting out to any of the events. I did get to see some Olympic figure skaters who used our local rink as a practice facility, but that’s as close as I got.

A friend of mine did find a way to see a few Olympic events without breaking the bank by going to several Paralympic ski events. She found that the atmosphere was great and the tickets were much easier to find. If I’m ever in the vicinity of the Olympics again I will definitely try that option.

Now while seeing the Olympics is on my own personal bucket list, I don’t know if it would be a great family travel destination, especially for young families. I try to plan my trips to avoid crowds as much as possible, and heading to the Olympics puts you straight into the largest crowds and highest prices possible. And a lot of events look like watching them would involve a lot of waiting for a few moments of excitement. As an adult I could just enjoy soaking up the Olympic vibes while I waited, but I imagine it would be pretty boring for a child. Add that security checks and long lines everywhere and I don’t think it will be happening with the kids any time soon. But you never know!

For our Olympic meal, I made some medal shaped cookies, which the kids were supposed to decorate with gold coloured sugar, but the pink sugar was too hard to resist, so they ended up with as much pink as gold. Oh well, I’m sure if my daughter was running the Olympics the medals would all be pink! I also made an Olympic rings fruit salad for dinner.

For my Sochi dinner I made a couple of simple Russian salads. One was with raw carrots, walnuts and a bit of garlic and the other was called an Olivier salad with potatoes, carrots, peas, pickles and diced chicken. I also made Mushrooms Stroganoff on toast and a dish called Halushki, made with sauteed onions and cabbage tossed together with noodles.

securedownload (11)

Overall we really enjoyed the meal. All the dishes were super simple and it was great winter comfort food. I didn’t end up making a Russian dessert since we were having friends over that night and I was trying to keep the meal simple. After dinner we put the Olympics on TV spent some time cheering for Canada!

And that was our second week on the letter S. There are probably more places we could visit in S, but the letter T beckons and next week we’ll be heading somewhere completely different. See you then!


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