A Year of Perfect Weather

I was just commenting to someone today that the weather here in the Fraser Valley is just about perfect right now. You see, I’m a bit picky about my weather. I don’t like cold weather, but I’m not a fan of heat either. My least favourite weather is probably hot and humid. I like a gentle breeze on a warm day, but anything more than that gets pretty annoying. But put me in a day like today; highs in the mid twenties (Celsius), sun with a few puffy clouds, warm in the sun, comfy in the shade, cooling off just enough to need a light jacket in the evening, and I’m one happy camper.

I once had the good fortune of being able to follow the nice weather all the way around the world. After I graduated from university, I went to New Zealand for their autumn, then came back to BC for our summer. I then spent September and October in Europe, November in the Middle East, December in Australia and then came back to New Zealand for their summer. I returned home to BC for our spring and after 18 months of almost continual warm weather I even managed to develop a slight tan!

So where would I go if I were to plan a dream trip based on perfect weather? Or at least my version of perfect weather? Well, there are no guarantees when it comes to weather, of course, but it would probably look something like this:

January: New Zealand

It’s the height of summer here in January, but New Zealand is a mellow country, without the extremes that plague so many places. The South Island especially doesn’t take summer too seriously; no killer heatwaves, just nicely moderate summer days. Maybe a bit of summer rain now and then, but that only makes you appreciate the nice days even more.


February: Miami/Caribbean

Florida can be miserable in the summer, but February temperatures in Miami are nearly perfect. Hurricane season is over, so this is a great time to visit the islands of the Caribbean as well. Since I probably wouldn’t spend a whole month in southern Florida, I’d probably explore the area a bit, then use it as a base to take a Caribbean cruise or two.


March: Maldives

Since this is a dream trip, why not dream big? I’m told that if you’ve ever had the urge re-create Will and Kate’s honeymoon and have your very own over water hut on a perfect white sand beach in the Maldives, the dry season of January to March is the perfect time to go.


April: Greece

I’ve been told that Greece in July and August can be hellish; hot, overpriced and stuffed to the gills with Northern Europeans. Lucky for me, I’ve only ever been in April when it’s comfortably sunny, and everyone involved in tourism is eager for your business. I’d probably spend the month seeing some of my favourite islands and exploring new ones.


May: Japan

May is a tough one. There are just so many places that are perfect in May. Like so many places, Tokyo can be miserably hot and humid in the summer, but too cold for comfort in the winter, so May would be a great time to visit, starting in the south and working northward as the weather warms.


June: Queensland

The north east coast of Australia has a lot to offer but in summer the weather is everything I don’t like: hot, humid and just plain miserable. To top it off the nasty, stinging things are at their worst from November to April as well. June, on the other hand, is still warm, but much more pleasant, making it a great time to visit this part of the world.


July: Kruger Park and Victoria Falls

We visited both these places last year in July and we loved it there. It was winter in southern Africa but we found it perfect with highs in the mid twenties. It was also the dry season which made for less vegetation and great game viewing. We found it funny when the weatherman forecast a low of 18-20 degrees all week and exhorted viewers to “stay warm” when he signed off.


August: Rio de Janiero

August is also technically winter in Rio but it is so close to the equator that it never really gets too cool. More importantly, August is also the dry season in Rio de Janiero. This time of year is also great for exploring the rest of Brazil with mild weather and low precipitation.

Rio de Janeiro 00833

September: Home!

September is usually my favourite month here in southern BC. There are usually a few rainy days, but when it’s good, it’s really really good. Since I don’t really like hot weather, I love it when it starts cooling off in the evenings and the first leaves start changing colour.


October: Tuscany

October is another great month in many parts of the world. It’s harvest time in much of the northern hemisphere and I love the fall colours. But when I think of the ultimate fall destination, Tuscany ranks at the top. I would love to visit the centre of the slow food movement at the height of harvest.


November: Laos

I once visited Singapore during what was supposed to be the cool season in November. All I can say is that if that was the cool season I’d hate to see the hot season. I’ve been told, however, that in Laos, the cool season really is quite pleasant. I’ve sort of avoided Southeast Asia since then partly due to my dislike of hot weather, but if Laos is as pleasant as I’ve heard it is in November, I’d be willing to give it a try.


December: Hawaii

Okay, this one is a lazy choice. The weather in Hawaii is close to perfect all year around. You could go any month and it would be warm and comfortable, so it would be a great choice for any month.



What about you? What is your idea of perfect weather? Where would you go to find it?



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