Kids in Venice

It’s hard to believe we only arrived in Venice 48 hours ago. The kids are running around like it’s their own backyard and hopping on and off water buses like pros. We’ve already seen the Basilica, climbed the Clock Tower, checked out the art at the Academia and eaten more pizza and gelato than I can remember. It really is an awesome place for kids this age since the whole city is one big sight and no matter where we wander there are things for them to see.


I’m really glad we got the 72 hour passes for the water bus system when we arrived since our apartment is two minutes from a stop and it’s been great to be able to hop on the next passing vessel and go straight home whenever the kids have had enough. They have been amazing travellers so far, but after about 4 or 5 hours of wandering, they are usually more than ready to head back for a rest.

Right now it’s early afternoon and I’m listening to the rain pour down as my family sleeps around me. Yesterday was a beautiful day, but the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating quite as well for us today. But it’s all good. We changed our plans from walking around the San Polo area to visiting the Academia Gallery when the skies opened up on us this morning and the kids did surprisingly well in the beautiful, but slightly dry art museum. And if it hadn’t started raining again at lunch time, we likely wouldn’t have ducked into that amazing restaurant where my husband and daughter shared one of the most enormous plates of spaghetti with mussels that I’ve ever seen. So even the rain has it’s upsides.

Right now I’m hoping it will ease off by evening so we can still get in our planned gondola ride tonight, but if it has to be put off until tomorrow, or even our next visit I’m okay with it. Because one thing I know for sure is that we’ll be back again someday!


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