2014: A Great Year of Travel!

It feels like a long time since I’ve posted anything. Once again, I’ve been too busy travelling to do any travel blogging! I’ve had a great vacation from the internet over the past few weeks with a family Christmas, a Disney cruise to the Bahamas and a week at Disney World with only a little bit of internet access now and then. I’ll probably do a few make-up posts over the next few weeks as a I get used to life back at home again, but I thought this would be a great time to look back at 2014 and a wonderful year of family travel. Here are the basic stats:

Countries visited: 7 (USA, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, San Marino, Bahamas)

Flights: 12

Miles flown: 26 222  (41 955 km)

Nights on the road: 62

Hotel: 20 nights

Rental condo/villa: 20 nights

Cruise ship: 9 nights

With family: 12 nights

In transit: 1 night

Southernmost point: Captain Cook Hawaii, 19.5 degrees north

Northernmost point: Edmonton, Alberta, 53.5 degrees north

Easternmost point: Ephesus, Turkey, 27.4 degrees east

Westernmost point: Kona Int. Airport, 156.0 degrees west

Favourite travel memory:

Mom: Gondola ride in Venice

Dad: The fantastic cooking class and meal with family in Italy

Daughter: The hotel with all the pools and slides in Hawaii  (The Hilton Waikoloa)

Son: That really fast boat ride! (I was asking these questions on the way home from our Everglades airboat ride and he has a pretty short attention span, so it’s not surprising he chose the most recent thing he had done!)

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better year of family travel! 2014 was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see where our travels bring us in 2015. It’s off to a great start already. Happy belated New Year everyone and happy travels!




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