Heading to the Rockies!

I’ve mentioned before that we cross the Rockies every summer to visit the grandparents in Alberta and I’m trying to see the region as more than just a long drive between point A and point B. I have to remind myself that people come from all over the world just to see this part of the country and it really is worthwhile to slow down and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Well, this summer I’m hoping to more than make up for this neglect by spending several days exploring the national parks of western Canada. It’s sort of a last minute trip since we really weren’t sure of our dates until recently but we’re hoping to spend four or five days in Banff, Jasper and Waterton Lakes in early July. Unfortunately with the tourist season in full swing and the Calgary Stampede going on nearby, many thousands of other tourists will be trying to do the same thing and I’m struggling a bit to find reasonably priced accommodations, but I’m confident that we’ll work out a plan that doesn’t involve spending any nights in the back of the truck! What I’ve found so far looks pretty good. Here’s a brief preview.

Looks pretty good for a last minute trip, doesn’t it? Hopefully I’ll have all the details figured out soon. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself turning into a nature loving, wilderness type girl after all!


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