Travel in 2015

It’s hard to believe 2016 is already five days old. I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve been able to remember to write the date correctly at work so far. At least I think I have. There’s still a good chance that some of my paperwork will make it back to me for correction. But it seems like it was only a couple of months ago that I was looking back on 2014 and remembering that great year of family travel.

So how does 2015 compare? Well, we’re still going strong and travelling as much as we can. Here’s how the year turned out in numbers.

Countries visited: 6 (Bahamas, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France.

Flights: 14

Nights on the road: 73

Hotel: 49

Rental condo/villa: 7

Cruise ship: 3

With family: 12

In transit: 2

Southernmost point: Key West, 24.55 degrees north

Northernmost point: Edmonton, 53.54 degrees north

Westernmost point: Victoria, BC, 123.36 degrees west

Easternmost point: Salzburg, Austria, 13.06 degrees east

Favourite travel memory:

Mom: singing Stille Nacht in the cathedral in Rothenburg on Christmas Eve

Dad: the medieval market in Munich

Daughter: everything!

Son: fighting Darth Vader at Jedi training in Disney World

It was very hard to choose a favourite this year. Our Epic Europe Christmas Trip is still fresh in our memories, (with many more blog posts to follow), but we also loved seeing the live jazz and exploring the city in our Whirlwind New Orleans trip, visiting San Francisco and wine tasting in the Napa Valley after taking the Slow Train to California and relaxing with family a little closer to home at the lakeside rental in Vernon. And then there’s the awesome San Diego and Disneyland trip we took for spring break (San Diego is still one of our all time favourite places) our week with just myself and the kids at Disney World in Orlando and our fantastic start to the year on the Disney Wonder where we kicked off 2015 with Junkanoo in the Bahamas. 2015 will be hard to top!

But time marches on, as I’m reminded each time I have to write 2016 on the date and this year will be a great year of travel as well. We’ve got New York booked, as well as a new cruise experience and summer will bring us back to Europe. Throw in a stay in a castle, some Star Wars, a possible return to San Diego and lots more and I can hardly wait for the year to begin. Where are you going in 2016?


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