Countdown to London

Summer’s here and it’s time to relax! Actually scratch that, while the first full week of July has been a lot of fun for our family it hasn’t exactly been relaxing. In the past seven days I’ve travelled four hours from our home to the beautiful Okanagan region, spent three nights at a rental condo with the extended family, returned home, travelled two hours in the other direction to take the kids to see a musical in Vancouver, unpacked from one trip, did laundry, then packed up for another trip. Oh, and somehow managed to fit in four days of work in the middle of all that. And then in 24 hours we’re heading off to London to start the real travelling!

I didn’t really plan to have quite so crazy of a start to the summer, but sometimes life just happens that way. Staff shortages at work, meshing family schedules and limited time engagements can come together like that at times. But all travel is good travel in my book and it was great to see family and get in some new experiences, even if I have to feel a bit tired sometimes. It may be the first time that I’ve takena trip to London to catch up on some rest, though.

I just finished checking in for tomorrow’s flight, the bags are mostly packed, the hotel, car and flight confirmations are printed and I only have about two or three dozen things left to do before we go to the airport. It looks like I have another relaxing day ahead of me tomorrow.

So bring on another great summer of family travels. So far we have a week booked in London, two in Ireland, followed by a few days of camping here in British Columbia, a quick Disney trip and maybe something for our anniversary at the end of August. New places will be visited and new experiences will happen. Fun? Of course! Relaxing? Well, I’ve always thought that relaxing summers were a bit overrated anyway!



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