Our Travels in 2016

2016 was another fantastic year of travel for our family. For blogging, maybe not so much. Looking back I’ve fallen off a bit in my posts, but I guess that can happen when you’re just to busy living your life to write about it. I will try to do better in 2107. In some ways I find writing to be like exercising. The hardest part is getting started, I enjoy it while I’m doing it and it feels even better when I’m done and I can see that I’ve accomplished something.

Our family continues to expand our travel horizons and 2016 was full of highlights. The kids turned six and eight during the year and travelling with them just keeps getting easier and more fun. They can now go through airport security almost independently, they can entertain themselves on the road as long as the Wifi connection holds out and we’ve ditched the stroller and other baby gear. They’ve even started losing their teeth in other countries and have collected tooth fairy money in three different currencies so far.


I’m a numbers person and one of my favourite things to do is to look over each past year and see how it compares to the years before. So here are the travel numbers for our family for 2016:

Countries visited: (United States, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Ireland)

Flights: 10

Nights on the road: 61

Hotels: 22

Cruise ship: 11

Condo/apartment: 13

Camping: 1

In transit: 1

With Family: 6

Castle(!): 7

Southernmost point: Nassau, Bahamas 25.05N

Northernmost point: Edmonton 53.54N

Easternmost point: Exactly 0.00! (We stood on the meridian in Greenwich.)

Westernmost point: Victoria BC 123.36W

Favourite Travel Memory:

Mom: My favourite destination by far this year was Ireland. There were so many magical moments, especially the ones involving music. Watching the kids learning the bodhran in Kilkenny, and seeing my daughter get closer and closer to the musicians (until she was right in the band!) in Dublin were probably the top two.


Dad: Going to Star Wars Celebration, geeking out and even having Carrie Fisher walk right past us. Seeing Hamilton in New York was a close second.

photo 5

Daughter: The Norwegian cruise ship with the indoor pool, great kids club and especially the bungee trampoline.

photo 2

Son: Legoland! (Once again, I’m not sure if that was really his favourite or if he said it just because it was the most recent thing we did.)


And that was 2016. We may have spent a few less days on the road than on our awesome year of travel in 2015, and we didn’t visit as many countries as we did in 2014, but it definitely ranks way up there. One funny thing I noticed is that in 2015 we were on the road for 83 days or exactly one fifth of the year. In 2016 we only managed 61 days on the road, but that happens to be exactly one sixth of the year, since 2016 had 366 days as a leap year. Maybe we can aim for one fourth of the year next year!

There certainly is a lot in the works for the coming year. We’re planning two trips to Europe, one cruise, a return to a favourite sunny destination as well as several short trips over the coming year. Our next big trip is only nine weeks away now so it’s time to start planning!








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